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Full Stack IT Solutions

At Arjava, we develop software and mobile product engineering services for businesses, educational and financial institutions, healthcare and government organizations to help them achieve their valued objectives and targets.

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Our Vision

Propel technological innovation that empowers mankind.

Our Mission

Full Stack IT Solutions and services, IOT Solutions and Services, Product Development.

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Digital Services

Mobile Application

Arjava technology has profound providing mobile solutions for every smart device for all the prevalent operating systems. Our expertise in mobile development comes from years of experience. Our paramount focus is to create quality-rich innovative solutions.

Our mobile development services include:
  • iPhone/iPad/iOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • BlackBerry Application Development
  • Windows Phone Application Development
  • Rich Mobile Web Application Development
UX/UI Design

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are two essential elements in the virtual world. Unless the UI and UX are up to the mark, it's not possible to reach the audience, perfectly. When you have the best UI/UX, they can elevate your

business even in offline situations. Basically, the UI/UX design is a process of designing visual and functional aspects of a product. It is necessary for both hardware or software products.
Software Development

Software development provides a series of steps for programmers to create computer programs. This process makes up the phases in the software development life cycle. Understanding the software development method offers vast

opportunities in the IT industry.
Web Application

Web Application is one of the core services of Arjava. We specialize in engineering and migration to unique, secure, comprehensive tailor-made

web solutions with modern design and user experience. We fundamentally change the way business is delivered, providing solutions for a value-based customer-first approach.

We provide a full cycle of custom web development services including:
  • Generation/brainstorming of web solution vision and requirements
  • System architecture, security, web and user experience design
  • Prototyping, UI/UX audit, responsive design implementation, design systems development
  • Automated front-end testing, QA under the most popular platforms and browsers
  • Migration from desktop to cloud-native web applications
  • 3rd level maintenance, integration with API, cloud architecture and hosting
Product Maintenance

The new technologies driving up complexities of software products, constant evolution in the realm of product maintenance is inevitable.

It is pivotal to minimize failures and adequately maintain software products to ensure consistency in their performance. Additionally, it is crucial to address that CIO’s are often burdened with maintaining and monitoring mission-critical applications while simultaneously reducing costs. With adequate software maintenance services deployed throughout a product’s lifecycle, businesses can maintain as well as upgrade existing products to ensure market and brand relevance, and in turn, retain customers more effectively.


We integrate a new web product into your digital infrastructure, test it in the real environment and use performance insights for future optimization.

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